LEGOLAND® Florida has more than 50 rides, shows and attractions, with themes and decorations based on billions of colorful LEGO® bricks. Florida Park has some great rides that are not available elsewhere. This is the nature of Florida itself.

Designed for kids under 12 and their families, LEGOLAND® Florida doesn't have the thrill of rides found in other Orlando theme parks. Unlike large parks, there is definitely more space and shorter lines.

If you have a LEGO®-crazy kid, definitely take a couple of days to visit the LEGOLAND® theme park and water park while staying at a resort hotel. Children of 3 may be too young for some of the rides, but they will appreciate everything LEGOLAND® has to offer.


LEGOLAND® New York has hundreds of LEGO® models and millions of LEGO® bricks, LEGO® characters and LEGO® themed areas. Located in Goshen, New York, it includes 7 themed areas and more than 50 rides, shows and attractions for families with children from 2 to 12 years old, as well as a 250-room LEGOLAND® hotel. All entertainment venues are within walking distance of the hotel.

The entire park is designed for strollers and wheelchairs. In addition to rides, there are extensive restaurants and eateries, eateries, retail stores and over 15,000 LEGO models throughout the expansive park of 30 million LEGO bricks.

Children can also get a LEGOLAND® driving license at the driving school, team up to save the day at the Fire and Rescue Academy, and watch LEGO® 4D movies at the Palace Cinema.


LEGOLAND® Windsor is divided into lighting zones with different themes: Depot zone and wonderful rides, Heart Lake City full of LEGO® friends, LEGO® City and driving school, pirates, Vikings, etc. Most places have fun for children of different ages facility. LEGOLAND® Windsor has many alternative rides and LEGO® designs for meetings and gatherings, and live pirate performances. LEGOLAND® is a great family destination.

Get there as early as possible for value for money and plan your entire trip as much as possible - the hotel has plenty to do and the park has 55 rides, shows, workshops and attractions. Offers such as a free second day in the park, an hour of priority travel and a complimentary LEGOLAND® gift in your room, so keep your eyes peeled. Visit the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort website for offers, including free for children.

LEGOLAND® California, US

LEGOLAND® California is a popular family-run theme park and hotel complex located in Carlsbad, California. Built for families with a focus on young children, the resort offers an immersive and immersive experience for any little LEGO fan. This resort is specially designed for children from toddlers and preschoolers to 12 years old.

Kids can drive a LEGO® car, drive a working fire truck, get wet in water parks, and build as many LEGO® as they want.

Whether you live in Southern California or come here on vacation, this is a great day to be together, fun for everyone. This popular San Diego theme park is a great way to have fun with the whole family. so that children have fun, and adults relive childhood memories. For LEGO® fanatics, young or old, a tour of the LEGO® factory will delight.