75241-1: Action Battle Echo Base Defense


Set Information

Action Battle Echo Base Defense
462 pieces, 5 minifigures
Star Wars Episode 4/5/6
Action Battle, Brick Separator, Disney, Droid, Echo Base, Hoth, Hoth Rebel Trooper, Imperial Probe Droid, Original Trilogy, Snowtrooper, Target Practice, The Empire Strikes Back, Walker

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750g / 26.46oz

Official LEGO® Description

Build and play a fun LEGO® Star Wars" Battle of Hoth action construction toy!

  • Includes 5 LEGO® Star Wars™ minifigures: 2 Snowtroopers and 3 Rebel Troopers.
  • Building toy features a Rebel base entrance gate, blaster tower, trench section with a buildable Probe Droid, and a collapsible AT-AT Walker. Each side has 3 targets to hit.
  • Construction toy set also comes with 2 shooters and 4 missiles.
  • Enjoy endless LEGO® Star Wars™ battles with friends and family to see who can defeat their opponent by hitting their targets.
  • Hit the red targets to send the Snowtroopers flying and AT-AT crashing to the ground. Hit the blue targets to send the Rebel Troopers flying and blast the entrance gate open.
  • Create exciting Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back battles with this creative play LEGO Star Wars™ merchandise.
  • Entrance gate with tower measures over 3” (10cm) high, 9” (25cm) wide and 3” (10cm) deep.
  • AT-AT Walker construction toy measures over 5” (13cm) high, 5” (15cm) long and 2” (7cm) wide.